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About us

Melisa Scott is a luxury boutique with a presence in exclusive locations. We curate and design a collection of unique, sustainable artisanal clothing and accessories.

Who is Melisa?

Melisa is a renowned stylist, designer and entrepreneur with a rich background in the fashion industry spanning both New York and Istanbul. Her passion for fashion has deep roots, stemming from her tailor grandparents. Her love for travel and keen eye for authentic, one of a kind items inspired her to create Melisa Scott. With a spiritual essence, she endeavors to help people express their authenticity through their style.

Who is Scott?

Scott is a commodity and equity trader with 30 years of experience in the industry. He holds degrees in history and finance, making him an adept researcher. His long standing desire to collaborate in business with Melisa, fueled by their deep love for each other, travel and history was the catalyst behind the creation of Melisa Scott.